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    Looking for comments on Patch Download Tool

    gianw Lurker

      We have just made the process of downloading patches and updates much more efficient. You can search for a patch by product and version, patch name, and download multiple patches and updates simultaneously. From our download portal, just check off the patches you'd like access to and they will download immediately. This compliments our subscription feature which allows you to subscribe to patch and maintenance release notifications emails. Please let me know your thoughts on this new feature.

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          gmcdonald Lurker

          The new tool is great, but your most recent download is not. Did you truly have to release a full-blown install that requires a complete uninstall of the current app?

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            Herschelle Enthusiast

            Um, would be nice to pick sub sets for versions. For example 3.0.2, I would like to see just the patches that apply to Update 1 rather than all of them.

            Further it would be nice to have all the superseded patches removed from the patch list, since they have been superseded I don't want to download them. Or at least provide an option not to see the superseded patches.

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              sanibel Lurker


              I consider myself a slightly above average, but eager and involved, computer user. Bill Gates has had me by the throat for so many years, but the end of 2007 I made the move to Mac, imac laptop ipod iphone, a few Windows programs I can not do without like Outlook and Photoshop. I bought and installed your terrific software and it is maybe one of the smoothest running programs on my computer. I must tell you, however, that I regularly receive the notice of the available upgrade and I was finally able to FIND it on your website. However the process is such computeresque gobbledegook(?) I fear to download it if I did understand the various options and patches. I have version 1.1.