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    VCP and Workstation

    khughes Virtuoso

      So I'm sure that I'm the only one that got a bad key from VMware once I passed the VCP.  I used to get small little updates every couple days on what's going on, but I haven't heard anything in a while.  Anyone that was sent a faulty key recieved a new key that works yet?

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          jonhall Expert



          If you e-mail certification@vmware.com, we should be able to send you a working key. Have you tried contacting us about this?



          Jon C. Hall

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            khughes Virtuoso

            The last email I got maybe a week to two weeks ago, was that they were still working on getting a large number of keys generated and that it shouldn't be too long until the new batch of keys was released.  But I'll shoot an email back looking for a ETA

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              JjcampNR Enthusiast


              I'm still waiting as well - I passed my exam in January and haven't received a working code.  The bad code came through Feb 21st and since then there's been almost no communication from VMware and my emails back to "Molly" go unanswered.  It seems unrealistic that it's taken almost 3 months for VMware to produce valid Workstation codes for new VCPs.  I'm also frustrated that now Workstation 6.5 is nearing completion and by the time I get my Workstation 6 key I'm going to need to pay for an upgrade to be on the latest software.  Perhaps VMware can step up, fix the problem, and provide us with Workstation 6.5 keys as well, it seems only fair for all the trouble and lack of communication.



              Here's the last email everyone with an invalid code has received from Molly back in early March, there's been no communication since the promise of working keys in about a week:



              from Molly Whiteman molly@vmware.com



              date Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 5:35 PM

              subject Workstation 6 code Update - With timeline Estimate

              mailed-by vmware.com



              March 11, 2008





              Apologies for the delay in communication. It has been determined that the batch of codes I was given will not work. A new batch is currently in the approval processes. The time line estimates I've gotten indicate I may have some codes to send out this week, more likely next week. Due to the volume of codes issued by Certification the approval process has several steps to it.


              I sincerely apologize for the huge delay in getting you these codes. The process to issue and order these codes changed with out my knowledge and I and several other departments have been affected by it. Please keep in mind that I am not just trying to issue your code, but codes for almost 3000 other VCPs that have been affected. And more VCPs are being certified every day. My complaints and frustration have been escalated and hopefully this will not happen again.


              We in Certification thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter and look forward to a resolution soon.




              Molly Whiteman

              VMware Certification Specialist



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                khughes Virtuoso

                I actually got a response from Molly the other day saying that they are still working on getting new key codes generated and that emails will go out once they are done.  So I guess something is still being done about it.  Just must take a while to cut a new batch of keys shrug

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                  JjcampNR Enthusiast


                  Odd, you'd think software key generation would be somewhat automated and a new batch of keys would be a few mouse clicks away.  I wonder if they have a room full of interns randomly scribbling keys on slips of paper that they then mail to VMware licensing central for processing.  I guess we'll either get the keys eventually or we won't - at this point I almost don't really care anymore since I know they'll come just in time for 6.5 to be released and I'll have to pay for that upgrade.  It's just really frustrating that there's been such a lack of communication over such a long period of time, and that this is one of the first contacts with VMware most VCPs will have after earning their certs; not a good way to start a professional relationship.  At least this forum is now open and I can see that I'm not the only VCP who's without their software.






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                    ChrisatVM Enthusiast

                    Josh - Thats the exact same situation I am in!


                    I have been emailing Certification@vmware.com and Molly and have not received anything since the last batch email posted by Josh.



                    I have paid over 6K in training plus we are a VMware Partner - OEM Alliance. ????




                    Jon Hall - Are you able to shed any light on the status of our Keys?  Can you "shake the trees" for us?











                    Chris Hall - IBM

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                      JjcampNR Enthusiast

                      I just received a batch email from Molly a few minutes ago - supposedly she's going to start sending out email with Workstation licenses at 1:00pm Pacific today.  The licenses will be for WINDOWS installs, if you want a Linux license you'll need to email her by 1:00pm Pacific.  Let's see if the licenses actually come out today or if by today they mean we'll email you again in a month.  I'm hopeful, but we'll see...

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                        ChrisatVM Enthusiast


                        Thanks Josh! I got the same emails.



                        Did VMware/Molly stop to think that people live in different timezones!?!?! and may not be awake at 2:59 am to make a decision about if they want linux or windows version.



                        I got the workstation code at 6:27am. Good thing I wanted a windows version....