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    Server 2 Beta can`t run the console

    schreinix Lurker

      Hello everybody,


      im`m testing the Beta1 of VMwareServer 2.0 and get the following issues.


      On host Vista Ultimate 64bit (SP1) is running well.

      Installing Server 2.0 Beta 1 is working well

      Importing existing VM`s from VMware WS 6 works well

      An error occured when i switch to console view of the running VM.

      The screen give me the message that i must install a plug-in (see attachment) but aftzer installing the Plug-In it doesn`t work.

      I can`t switch to the console

      This issue exist with IE7(64bit), Firefox 2.0 (32Bit) and the Beta of Firefox 3.0(64Bit)


      What can i do to solve this problem