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    ESX install Issues

    Bkoldy Novice


      Okay here are a few problems i'm having.  I bought a brand new motherboard and i put my Quad Core cpu in the board and i bought 8gigs of ram also to go with this system.  I have 2 300gig drives and 1 320gig drive.  I want don't want to do any Raid.  i will Eventually when i buy enough hard drives of the same exact size.  When i go to Install it comes to a screen saying unable to find drivers.  Select from a disk or choose from this list.  nothing i do gets me buy this stupid window.  I'm sorry i'm a tad frustrated.  The other thing i noticed is that on my other Desktop PC where i had my quad core before i had a different Graphical interface then the one i'm using now.  The one i liked looked like i was installing RED HAT.  Very Easy to use.  Now all i get is this error can anyone help me with what is going on?  i would appreciate it.  Links or anything would be helpful









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          Dave.Mishchenko Guru

          What sort of motherboard and drive controllers are you using?  ESX supported a very limited hardware set http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vi35_systems_guide.pdf / http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vi35_io_guide.pdf.  ESX will install on a number of whitebox systems, see this list as an example - http://www.vm-help.com/esx/esx3.5/Whiteboxes_SATA_Controllers_for_ESX_3.5_3i.htm.  Your system will have to have specific components (e.g. Intel ICH* SATA / nVidia SATA controllers / etc) as ESX will only be able to recongnize specific hardware components and you won't be able to add drivers for components that don't already have drivers included on the install CD.



          Regarding the driver not found error, this may help


          >I happen to be having the same problem. I think the user having the issue may have left out a very critical detail. the error message occurs just after the screen "Installation Method” where you answer the question "what type of media contains the packages to be installed" Options are "Local CD-ROM, Hard Drive, NFS, FTP, HTTP" When you select "Local CD-ROM"  it says "No Drivers Found" however if you continue to read it says " Unable to find any devices for this installation type". ive done some research on Linux distros and there’s tons of people having the issue and all seem to b able to resolve it by specifying something like "linux all-generic-ide irqpoll pci=nommconf " something or other... it basically makes the installer use a generic IDE mode for the CD-ROM, this only happens when the CD-rom is a "SATA" cd rom... dunno why or how... im going to keep looking till I figure it out.. Or maybe I’ll just do the FTP thing... That’s not a bad idea... just wish I could ensure it actually see's the drives before I go through all that trouble.

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            Bkoldy Novice


            Here is the first board that it did work on when i installed everything



            MSI P6N Platinum Nforce 650i



            2gigs of ram



            Quad Core






            550watt power supply



            400gig and 160gig 









            My new computer i wanted to use for this VM ESX.  Here are the specs.



            Abit IP35 Mobo



            Quad Core  



            4x 2gig = 8gigs of ram



            2x 300gig



            1x 320gig



            using my 8800gt for a video card for the time being till i find a cheap card, Free is the best price.



            550watt power supply






            I appreciate you guys viewing my post and responding.  Thanks again






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              Texiwill Guru
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              I would search the forums for any Whitebox configurations that work and use them. In general if the Server is not on the HCL there is a good chance it will not work. There are a few Whitebox solutions, but in general those fail pretty miserably due to the chipsets in use, graphics, memory, IO, etc.  Check out http://communities.vmware.com/message/722108#722108.


              Best regards,

              Edward L. Haletky

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              Author of the book 'VMWare ESX Server in the Enterprise: Planning and Securing Virtualization Servers', Copyright 2008 Pearson Education. As well as the Virtualization Wiki at http://www.astroarch.com/wiki/index.php/Virtualization

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                azn2kew Champion

                It's a shopping list to build an ESX home lab with compatible hardware for as cheap as possible. There are 2 host designs.


                1. a dual core AMD host for $337

                2. a quad core Intel host for $695.


                General things to make sure you do


                • Get a CPU that supports 64-bit guests - this is generally an Intel CPU that starts with the letter "Q" not the letter "E" (or just check the specs). Any Athlon 64 or opteron works.

                • Get a motherboard that supports a minimum of 4 GB of RAM - 8GB is nice (all ESX servers are generally constrained by RAM)

                • Get a decent (but still super-cheap) GigE switch - something that supports VLANs so you can create configs that work with less physical NICs.

                • Make sure you have a motherboard that has onboard VGA - you don't need a good graphics card, but you need something for initial config.


                AMD ESX configuration (as cheap as it gets, but you have everything you need) = $337


                This config leverages the fact that ESX 3.5 supports Nvidia NICs - and there will only be one NIC for VMotion, network, and IP storage. Name of the game = how cheap can you go




                Intel ESX configuration (a super cheap quad core, 8GB, lotsa GbE powerhouse) = $695


                This config leverages the fact there are ridiculously cheap multi-core CPUs and RAM these days. the NICs on Intel motherboards are usually based on older Intel or Realtek chipsets, (no driver support in VMware) - so you need to find some fancier (but still cheap) NICs. Name of the game here = how cheap can you build a powerhouse that you can run 10 VMs at once?




                OK - what now?


                • You will need to buy two of whatever model you get - for VMotion, VM HA, DRS, Storage VMotion, etc... (so AMD total cost = $674, Intel cost = $1390)


                Most importantly - HAVE FUN! Of course you can buy better and expensive servers. Source VMETC.com site!



                If you found this information useful, please consider awarding points for "Correct" or "Helpful". Thanks!!!




                Stefan Nguyen

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                  Bkoldy Novice


                  Can anyone tell me if my parts are good enough in their opinions?  Those are the parts i already have and tried with the MSI board i know worked.  I can move it over i'd just rather use the new board from Abit.






                  Let me know what you think of my list of parts.






                  thanks guys.  you have all been very helpful.



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                    kurtwest Enthusiast


                    azn2kew did you have to do anything special to get the AMD config to work.  I bought all the parts you mentioned and I am having a problem booting up.  The install went through without issue, but rebooted after the install it hangs.



                    "Mounting root failed. Dropping into basic maintenance shell.  To collect logs for WMware.........."



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                      TomHowarth Guru
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                      what is the DIsk Controller for the second motherboard.  you may have to get one of the HCL.





                      Tom Howarth

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                        Dave.Mishchenko Guru

                        Take a look at the process here that may fix it for you.  What sort of controller do you have?  http://www.vm-help.com/esx/esx3.5/SATA_mounting_root_failed.html

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                          kurtwest Enthusiast


                          That worked.  Thanks.



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                            Zel123 Lurker

                            Thoughtful post , I loved the info - Does someone know if my company could possibly get a sample 2011 VA 21-4138 version to fill in ?