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    Beta 2

    cgNWHS Enthusiast


      Not to beat a dead duck here... but VMWare is turning into the Microsoft of old with its release schedules..... Look at Microsoft go... Today's announcement:



      REDMOND, Wash. - March 19, 2008 - Reaching the next major milestone in virtualization development, Microsoft Corp. today made broadly available a feature-complete release candidate of Microsoft Hyper-V, the hypervisor-based virtualization software available with various versions of Windows Server 2008. A beta of Hyper-V was included with Windows Server 2008 when it launched last month, and this release candidate provides updated, near-final code.



      Hyper-V provides customers with efficient and cost-effective virtualization infrastructure software. It enables customers to reduce operating costs by increasing hardware utilization, optimizing infrastructure and improving server availability. Customers and partners can download the release candidate at http://www.microsoft.com/Hyper-V by 10 a.m. PDT today.



      It has been 4 months since we last even heard anything official about Server 2. We are a VMServer shop here but we have started to test Hyper-V......



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          Jackobli Master

          Why wasting your time here?

          Most of us are reading the product announcements of Microsoft and others.

          But why are you comparing Hyper-V to VMware Server?

          VMware Server is a free product, Hyper-V comes only as an addition to Windows Server 2008.


          So please go and compare Hyper-V to ESX...

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            cgNWHS Enthusiast

            I am not comparing the two. I am merely stating that while we have been waiting for at least some word from VMWare on Server 2, or a refresh Beta 1, or something Microsoft is churning out betas and RCs for its "Free" Hyper-V. My point is that VMWare needs to become more transparent when talking of releases, and showing betas to keep interest up. Right now the hype is all on Hyper-V (no pun intended) and if VMWare is not careful people will start to leave and go to some other free, or nearly free product which will lose maintenance and management revenue for VMW.

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              chris@cscc Novice

              I am awaiting beta 2 as well, for our test environment at work, but what is wrong with beta 1? I am able to use the product with pretty much full functionality today. Barring any new features in beta 2, I have no real reason to need the next version. They will release it when they are satisfied with it. Regarding Hyper-V, they are still having trouble with features vmware had working for years in ESX, so comparing that with the beta of a free product really doesn't make sense.

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                Beta 2 should be posted on Friday March 28th around mid afternoon.  I will post a message on the forums once it is live - we are close.  Please hang in there!

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                  Ron Woods Novice

                  Great, I am leaving this afternoon on a trip and I will have LITTLE to NO time to get this new build in. Thanks for the short notice! I hope in the future that you don't wait until the last second to post a new build when another is due to expire.

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                    davidbarrett Lurker



                    Dude, I know you're frustrated, but it's difficult to get angry with someone for your use of beta software.  Don't get me wrong -- I'm frustrated too that there was little to zero notice that this beta was expiring, but:




                    a) It's BETA.  Running anything on a beta system is doing so at your own risk.  Don't fault the manufacturer for something they clearly state is subject to fault, even if it puts you in a bind when things go wrong.  If your situation was that critical, you should have been using version 1.




                    b) It's the norm to include an expiration in beta software.  If you didn't expect it to expire, lesson learned.  If you didn't expect it to expire with little to no warning, well, I'll side with you on that one.








                    Having said all that, it appears the new beta release notes are now up.   http://www.vmware.com/products/beta/vmware_server/releasenotes_vmserver2.html



                    Now we just have to wait patiently for the build to be posted.

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                      Peter_vm Guru
                      davidbarrett wrote:



                      Having said all that, it appears the new beta release notes are now up.   http://www.vmware.com/products/beta/vmware_server/releasenotes_vmserver2.html


                      But again, without explicitly saying what they have fixed since Beta 1. As usual....still beta...(beta product, beta documentation, beta support).

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                        rkt Novice

                        Beta support means no support, right?


                        Or is there any kind of support for Server 2.0?

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                          Peter_vm Guru
                          rkt wrote:

                          Beta support means no support, right?


                          Or is there any kind of support for Server 2.0?

                          Yes, there is.

                          You can support VMware, by sending technical feedback about observed issues:


                          How do I report issues to VMware?

                          Post your questions, problems, experience and suggestions to the below discussion at your


                          VMware Server 2.0 Friends and Family discussion forum at:


                          Technical Support is available through the Support Request (RS) system. Go to:

                          http://www.vmware.com/support/ and click on Create Support Request.


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                            Ron Woods Novice


                            Of course I understand the perils of running beta software, I have tested beta programs for nearly 20 years for various products. The problem here is, I have NEVER seen one come out so late in the expire period leaving next to no time to get a new one in place and test. They also have to realize this is falling on a weekend causing many to work off hours to continue getitng it updated and tested. This is my judgement is just a lack of responsibility on the developers part.



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                              SMB Expert

                              Which responsibility would that be?

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                                Ron Woods Novice

                                Look, I sincerely don't want to get into a pissing match and I completely understand as beta testers the trouble we may run into, but it couldn't hurt to help those of us who are willing to beta test and put the products through their paces by at least giving those who are testing a "reasonable" amount of time to deal with the updates. That is my only argument. Enough said.

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                                  davidbarrett Lurker


                                  "Look, I sincerely don't want to get into a pissing match..."



                                  Amen.  Yeah, I'm totally with you on the suddenness of it all, and how it really puts us in a bind to do the upgrade in very little time, hope it doesn't break things, and hope the next beta/final comes out before this one expires, too. Oh, and not to mention, require us to work over the weekend if we can't afford the downtime.



                                  Just to clarify, I wasn't trying to call you out; I just wanted to point out the cons of using beta software, but it sounds like you're well versed in those!



                                  Let's just keep our fingers crossed the beta 2 is a smooth transition and works without too much fuss.



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                                    mobiletechsupport Lurker

                                    It's up!!! I'm downloading Beta 2 now... wish us luck!

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