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    Need help w/ hung COS network config

    Jae Ellers Master


      I have two ESX 3.0.2 systems that are still running, but not communicating with VC anymore.  The vswif0 is still up, but I can't get any config info out of it w/ esxcfg-vswif or ifconfig.  These commands just hang.



      This is a result of a hung Emulex rmserver process that seems to be using the network so that I can't interrupt it.  Originally this process ran away with the COS cpu.  I then reniced (thanks Oliver) and it's almost functional.



      I have 30+ systems on these servers and I would like to be able to restart communication with VC so I can vmotion the critical systems off before restarting the hosts.



      Any ideas would be appreciated.  We're scheduling downtime for the weekend for dealing with this, but I'd love be able to dig my way out.  If I could just release the networking I could do something like this: