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    What Next after VCP?--Plz Help

    Moiz G Novice


      Hello All,



           Last week I cleared VCP with 94%, I want to grow in this

      field, Can anyone please help me what should I do next to grow in this

      Virtualization world?



      Best Regards,






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          Chris_S_UK Expert


          do you want to specialise on VMware products? What about learning Windows Hyper-V / Xen etc?






          I suggest you learn some VDI too. And if you're not familiar with SAN storage, that too (I mean specific products such as Netapp/EMC/MSA etc, as opposed to what you would have learnt for the exam)






          Nice score, by the way...






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            dpomeroy Virtuoso


            1. VCP



            2. ???



            3. Profit!



            VCP is great, but what is your experiance working with VI3? This is more important to most employers than certification. I think we are at the point where people will start to specialize in certain areas of virtualization, so think about what you want to do? Specialize in one area like desktop virtualization, do consulting in a certain area, architecture and design, day to day support, etc. there are lots of options. 



            Don Pomeroy

            VMware Communities User Moderator



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              FredPeterson Expert

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                Patrick Miller Hot Shot

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                  Moiz G Novice

                  Thanks Don and Chris for your valuable inputs,

                     I also wanted to update that I also own RHCE,but still little confused what would be a better path for me.


                  All your inputs will be really valuable.


                  Thanks and Regards,


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                    azn2kew Champion


                    If you already have RHCE and experienced in the linux/unix world than ESX is a piece of cake for you and I'm hoping you have been working directly with ESX at least 1 year in order to take the exam adn understand deeply with the virtualization world especially in ESX.  ESX has so many features and products you can specialize and depends what's your interest and role.  If you want to be a consultant than you must know almost anything ESX provides that secures your job and your ability to growth with $$$ side.  If you want a full time VMware Engineer than you can be specialize neither managing ESX farm strictly support day to day operations.  You can specialize in Capacity Planner, Performance, Security etc...even Sales Professional if you're bored with your job and just want to be technical sales engineer that can be pursue or even own your independent consulting company and go for it.



                    I suggest you learn and master Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and VDM arena because its going to growth very fast next couple of years and high end projects only.



                    "The Power of Knowledge"



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                      continuum Guru
                      vExpertCommunity Warriors

                      > I also wanted to update that I also own RHCE ...


                      If i were a boss and you would say that in our first chat I would show you the door.


                      Make sure that you can back up a statement like "I am good at ..." when you are standing in front of a boss instead




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                        Texiwill Guru
                        User ModeratorsvExpert



                        I agree with continuum, you have 'earned' your VCP and RHCE, you really do not own them. It shows you are willing to do the work and are a little more humble. I have both, and quite frankly it boils down to experience. The RHCE must be earned, it is a different type of exam than the VCP. No amount of studying will allow you to pass the RHCE without real world experience, the same can not be said for the VCP. Unfortunately. So you need a resume with lots of real world experience, something that says I am an expert past the certifications.


                        You also have several options with VMware, since you passed the VCP with 94% you may consider becoming a VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) and teaching the VMware blessed courseware. Several people make a good living doing just that.... But if you already work for a company I think that option is out.


                        I worked closely with my local Storage and Security teams with regards to virtualization and Linux, which lead to valuable experience. Try to build up such experiences, as they will help moving forward, get you exposure, and show you know what you are talking about. This is what is all boils down to. Look at the other virtualization products out there hyper-V, VirtualIron, Xen and perhaps study them so that you can easily state the differences and help people choose the proper products for their environment.  For example, a 100% RHEL site may wish to use Xen over VI3 as it comes with their RHEL licenses.... But then again if you know the differences you can sell them on the best solution (VI3 in my opinion).


                        As my Dad used to say, now the sky is your limit.... The sky goes ALL the way up. Good luck!


                        Best regards,

                        Edward L. Haletky

                        VMware Communities User Moderator


                        Author of the book 'VMWare ESX Server in the Enterprise: Planning and Securing Virtualization Servers', Copyright 2008 Pearson Education. As well as the Virtualization Wiki at http://www.astroarch.com/wiki/index.php/Virtualization

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                          Mr.Flibble Hot Shot


                          If I can threadjack a little, what do you guys think of the RHCE? I ask because I have my VCP, and I have been working with Unix/Linux constantly since 1997, but I have never looked into becoming certified in any *nix flavour.



                          Does anyone here consider it to be of use?



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                            vmwarechap Enthusiast


                            I think, after VCP one should get some work experience in ESX and then wait for the VMware's architecture exam. It is going to be released in next couple of months. That will sure, help him a lot in terms of $$$ and job satisfaction. Ofcourse VDI and Powershell knowledge will help a lot.






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                              jonhall Expert


                              Hello all,



                              As many of you may have guessed, there are plans to add additional upper level certifications that can be achieved following your achieving VCP status.  At this time, we are still determining the exact requirements for these upper level certifications, so stay tuned and as soon as we can we will announce this.






                              Jon C. Hall

                              Technical Certification Developer

                              VMware, Inc.



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                                Moiz G Novice


                                Thank you very much Edward for your precious time and guidence, I will surely go with your suggestion .



                                Thanks again.












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                                  azn2kew Champion


                                  Well, almost everyone is jumping on the bandwagon of virtualization but I don't see any products that match the enterprise features like HA, DRS, VMotion VMware provided and yes there are some potential competitors out there but still need time to mature.  For recommendations, I would suggest you read more with storage, networking, security and of course other competitors products like Quest Software, Virtual Iron, Windows 2008 Hyper_V, Citrix Xen Enterprise, Xen Desktop, Oracle VM, Sun xVM.  You don't have to be an expert with this products but just read to understand their features and how it works so you can distinguish that with your clients and offer the best solution for their environment.  Most importantly, is test out all the 3rd parties like Vizioncore, Platespin, vmSight, vKernel, Veeam, esXpress, and some SAN providers like EMC, NetApp,  Data Core, Data Domain, LeftHand Networks and differences between FC SAN, iSCSI, NFS/NAS than you're fully ready for any jobs.



                                  Frankly speaking, you can not always propose VMware for your client and I decided to offer my client Xen Enteprise due to the fact their data centers are full of Linux/Redhat Apache & Websphere servers and tons of open source applications.  Xen Enteprise does work fine under Linux servers.  It wouldn't surprise me that Citrix, Oracle and Microsoft his chasing the virtualization market.



                                  I think the best job is to be VMware Architect Solutions guy because you will be the guy architect all areas of virtualization and their will be a team of virtualization engineers dedicated just for implementation.  I know high end architect solution job ranges $90-125/hour depends location and even more. 


                                  If you found this information useful, please consider awarding points for "Correct" or "Helpful". Thanks!!!




                                  Stefan Nguyen

                                  iGeek Systems LLC.

                                  VMware, Citrix, Microsoft Consultant