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    Remote VMware Server Console not working

    djflux Enthusiast

      Good day,


      I'm trying to connect to a remote VMware Server and I'm having fits.  I thought the problem was something to do with the CentOS installation I was using so I moved to Fedora 8 (which I have running on my local workstation and the Server Console connects fine).


      Here are the details:


      VMware Server 1.0.4

      Fedora 8 with all updates as of today (2008-02-25)

      SELinux set to permissive

      iptables stopped on both server and workstation on which Server Console is running.

      IPV6 disabled

      ip6tables off


      Here is what I get in the logs if I disabled SSL between the Server Console and the host:


      Feb 25 15:27:32: mks| SOCKET 1 recv error 104: Connection reset by peer

      Feb 25 15:27:32: mks| SOCKET 1 destroying VNC backend on socket error: 104


      Here is what is in the logs with SSL enabled:


      Feb 25 14:59:03: mks| SSL: Unknown SSL Error

      Feb 25 14:59:03: mks| SSL Error: error:1409E0E5:SSL routines:SSL3_WRITE_BYTES:ssl handshake failure




      I'm at a loss.  Any help is appreciated.