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    A new VI plugin - Console - Integrated host access via SSH

    akutz Hot Shot

      Console is a VI 2.5 client plugin that adds a new tab called "Console" to the list of tabs on the left (these are called views) when a host server is selected. The "Console" tab contains an integrated SSH client that can be used to open a console connection to ESX 2.5-3.x servers (not 3i). Using the plugin is quite simple:


      1. Select a host server in the VI 2.5 client inventory on the left-hand side.


      2. A tab will appear on the right-hand side of the VI 2.5 client called "Console".


      3. Click the tab and the contents of the tab (also known as a view) reveal an integrated SSH client capable of (at the moment) password authentication.


      4. Input a username and password for the currently selected host server (remember, shell accounts are separate credentials from VC accounts), and click the "Connect" link.


      5. If the username and password were correct then you will now be connected to the host server via SSH. Don't have too much fun!


      You can download this plugin from the above link or just visit VIPlugins.com. Coming soon - An updated VMware Plugin guide that describes how to create views!