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    real time kernel on ubuntu 7.10

    btone Hot Shot

      Hi vmware community,


      I started to play around with vmware server 2.0 beta 1 on ubuntu 7.10 (64 bit). Hardware: Athlon X2 BE-2400 (Brisbane) / 4GB RAM


      No problems with installing, configuring, setting up guests etc. (i'm using viclient not the webgui ).


      I have three guests running - one win xp pro, two linux software appliances. First time I restarted the host it took ages till the three guests were up again. I saw a lot of IO waits in top but didn't really expect better performance so I just left it that way.


      A few days later I read about irqbalance - installed it but no effect. checked /var/log/messages and saw a lot of "kernel: rtc: lost some interrupts at 1024Hz." messages. don't know if the were there prior installing irqbalance.


      Anyway, checked the web and saw that installing a real time kernel (-rt) instead of my server kernel might be a good idea. Did it and performance with this kernel is much much (much much much) better and the messages were gone.


      I know it is mentioned by vmware that rtc must be compiled into the kernel and I did not checked if it is in the ubuntu server kernel - but I am wondering why the server kernel is supported - but with the real time kernel you have to build the modules during the installation!?


      I am not really a kernel junkie so am am wondering what I have done here?


      Is real time kernel = rtc support ?

      What is the best way to get rtc support - no module seems to be available in the -server kernel?! Compile your own with rtc in it? (No thanks )


      any responses welcome