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    Failure to set IP on RHEL VM

    stephanl Lurker





      I'm trying to set the IP on a RHEL4U5 template that I'm cloning to a VM during the cloning process, and am receiving the below error.  We are running the most recent build of ESX Server (3.5), along with whatever version (presumably recent) of VMWare tools is available through it.  For reference, I'm also attaching the code.  Ideas anybody?



      Curiously, I have been unable to set the IP on a VM programmatically, regardless if trying this during the clone process of as a 'standalone' operation.






      - Stephan



      Fault Server.generalException

      Message Customization of the guest operating system 'rhel4Guest' is not supported in this configuraton. Microsoft Vista (TM) and Linux guests with Logical Volume Manager are supported only for recent ESX host and VMware Tools versions. Please refer to Virtual Center documentation for supported confgurations.