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    can't get support out of VMWare

    ddokoto Novice


      I bought a copy of VMWare Workstation 6 recently from  a reseller.  Can't get (30 day) support out of vmware. High end USB device does not show within Windows VM. Shows in base OS (windows).  USB thumbdrive does in VM.



      tried calling. tried e-mailing.  tried posting in communities. Nothing.  I was told that support dept looks at posting in the communities.  None have posted any reply.    Was told that since the reseller bought my product months ago, the 30 day support has expired.   Sales has tried to fix unsuccessful.  It does not show under my account.  This level of support (i.e. none) is unsatisfactory considering I spent $200 on the product. Downloaded  an evaluation copy of the product just so I submit a SR. SR are unassigned after 2 weeks.  Egad.  There's nothing in the knowledgebase on this issue either.  Mostly old postings on old versions.   So I asked my IT dept.  They said it matches their experience.   Now it is more than 30 days that I've been trying to get support.   So they will probably deny it on that basis too.    Help.



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          acosgrove Novice

          What device are you trying to plugin? And there's 2 ways to have your VM attach to the device:



          1. Plug it in while your VM has focus.



          2. Go to VM -> Removable Devices -> USB Devices and select the device you are trying to use (if it was detected by the host it will be listed)

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            ddokoto Novice

            This is defined in the documentation and I tried this already. It's a Sage 960B. http://www.sageinst.com/960_B.html.  Works fine outside of the VM. Thanks anyway.

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              tlowe Novice

              Can you just share it from the host and use it that way?

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                ddokoto Novice

                You are missing the point.   This is not a solution to inadequate service from VMWare or how to get it work in a VM.   The whole point of VMs was multiple users.  I am running windows/XP not windows server 2003.  These third party utilities were never designed to run in windows server software.  With VMWare, it looks like an ordinary desktop.

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                  tlowe Novice

                  Well not to be mean but vmware has told you already the 30 day's of support is already up.  It is like someone else buying a car and the warranty is up and then you trying to take it to the dealer to get it fixed under warranty it is not going to work that way.  Either buy more support or move on.  What is the error you get with the hard drive does windows even see the usb drive?  Does the guest see the any usb devices?

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                    ddokoto Novice


                    I spoke to VMWare employees at the MacWorld conference and they stated the company was not doing the right thing for me. They claimed it was from the date of registration.   They also suggested using the community forums although no employees seem to be reviewing postings as described by them.



                    Date of purchase is when the consumer buys the product.  Your analogy is bogus.   If the new car dealer had the car on his lot for 6 months and you lost 6 months of warranty as a result - how would you feel?   Besides the industry trend is from date of registration.  The final point - support agrees to provide it as soon as sales updates the registration which also agrees to do that.  They never meant to indicate from the date of purchase by reseller.  But the internal communication (within VMWare) to make that change is not happening.  I'm not going to pay for service that is due me.   I'd rather spend additional company funds on a competitive product that understands service is as important as the product.   I'm giving VMWare some time to stand behind their product. Their IT backend may be messed up due to their explosive growth, but that's not the consumer's problem to solve.



                    There is no error.  Sage doesn't show up in the VM and doesn't work. As stated in my original post, a normal flash drive works fine and shows up in the VM.






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                      ddokoto Novice

                      No reply has been helpful or answered my question so I checked "NO, my question has not been answered."  Yet I see the "helpful answer" and "correct answer" designations on their replies.  huh?

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                        TomHowarth Guru
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                        Those icons that you see are for you to award points, you have not yet awarded any as is evidenced by the lack of the Star or Star plus tick sign in the header of the answer bar.





                        Tom Howarth

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                          ddokoto Novice


                          thank you for that explanation.  I misunderstood the communities interface to award correct answers.



                          The total lack of support from VMWare on a purchased product certainly does not deserve any stars.    Nor did the previous postings address the support issue.  I logged the technical issue in the  (appropriate) workstation forum.



                          The posting in this forum was to help me navigate the service issue or lack thereof.  After 30 days with no responses from support, I was informed today that my 30 day complimentary support period is over.   Bummer. 



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                            TomHowarth Guru
                            User ModeratorsvExpert


                            when you originally raised a support call you should have received a support number, if you have documentary evidence of your attempts to contact VMwith your issue.  contact support and when you hit the brick wall, ask to speak to a supervisor, if you do not get any joy out of the supervisor, request a manager.



                            It is unacceptable that you are being fobbed of with "out of support" because VMware support have not bothered to return any email.






                            Tom Howarth

                            VMware Communities User Moderator



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                              gazoo2u Novice

                              I'm having a similar problem with support (or lack of it). I spent $200 on Windows OS, and installed the trial version of VMware Fusion, and the as the Windows is going through the setup wizard, I get a message that Windows can't find my hard drive. A week and a half ago I wrote to VMware amd told them this, and asked for instructions on how to proceed (Microsoft will not help you with installing VMware), and haven't heard back yet. Two days ago I called VMware, but got completely lost in the voice mail tree, I ended up hanging up and hoping for the best. I followed the link VMware sent to view my support status and answer, and my Request doesn't even show up. So, here I am, 2 weeks from the 30-day support expiring, and a piece of $200 software I can't use and no one will help me. Ugh. I had hoped for so much more from VMware.

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                                ddokoto Novice


                                If your request doesn't show up, make sure your product serial number has been associated with your account.   Then re-submit the SR by selecting your product (which should be now showing up in your account).   this should generate a SR number which you can refer to when you don't get any response.   Make sure you do this before the 30 day expiration although in my experience I still did not get ANY responses from service.  I don't have the energy anymore to fight up the management chain for service (as suggested above) although legally I was entitled  nor wanted to pay for individual service at 25% the cost of the workstation product.     I finally ordered an optional IP interface for my SAGE device to workaround the USB bug in the VM.   The SAGE control application can communicate over USB 1.1 to the SAGE unit or via IP (if available).    Others may not have that option.  Best of luck. 



                                Your situation seems more complicated since you are running Windows VM on Macintosh Base OS (since Fusion only works on Macs I think).  I believe you have already been redirected to post this in the specific workstation (fusion) forum. 






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                                  applejack Lurker

                                  I'm looking at purchasing VM fusion for my apple and have some issues with fusion not showing all the drives on my apple when using XP to search for them.  I've tried to contact VMWare to get an answer and I too am getting no where.  I'm told, via, their web site that I must buy a service contract in order to get email support.  How stupid is that.  I'm trying our their software with thoughts of buying it.  It would be prudent on their part to give support for a possible sale.  I'm most likely will be going back to Parallels unless I can find some sort of free support during this trial period.


                                  Any help for this community would be greatly appreciated.

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