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    BE 11d and Quantum SuperLoader 3 under VMware ESX server - no idle devices

    InforMed Direct Hot Shot


      Here's the set-up:


      • Dell PowerEdge 2950

      • Windows 2003 Server R2 64 bit

      • Quantum SuperLoader 3 robotic library

      • Adaptec AHA-29320 SCSI adapter (PCI-Express)

      • Backup Exec 11d


      When Windows 2003 server and BE is installed on the raw hardware, it works fine.



      We're evaluating VMware ESX server and virtualisation as part of our disaster recovery plan and server consolidation. I have built an evaluation of ESX server v3.5. It recognises the SCSI card which is the first hurdle. I'm able to add in two SCSI devices into the virtual server and when BE is installed, it recognises the tape drive although the medium changer says "Unknown medium changer". Then again, it shows it like that on the raw install.



      However, when I try and inventory the slots (it shows the 8 slots), the job stays in the queue saying "Ready; No idle devices are available".



      One thing I did notice that's different between the raw hardware install and the virtual environment is how the devices are listed. Under the raw hardware;




      Robotic libraries

        QUANTUM 1

         Tape drive

        QUANTUM 2



      But on the virtual sever, it's different:




      Stand-alone drives

        QUANTUM 1

      Robotic Libraries

        QUANTUM 2



      This suggests to me that BE isn't realising the tape drive and slots are the same unit, maybe...



      I realise this is a really off the wall request but we can't be the first to want to run BE in a virtual environment. I've asked on the BE/Symantec forum as well but I suspect this is more of a ESX server issue than BE as such.



      Cheers, Rob.