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    Software protected by SecuROM won't run on a Fusion virtual machine?

    TTX Novice

      I run VMWare 1.0 (downloading 1.1 right now) with Win XP on a MBP. This combination allows access to Windows-only software (AutoCAD, mostly) and keeps me in the nice OSX environment.


      I just purchased Command & Conquer 3 for Windows and installed it on my virtual machine. Everything went smoothly until I attempt to play the game. Upon trying to play, I get an error message: "Please insert the original Command & Conquer disk, not a backup". Just to be clear, my copy is a legal disk, not a copy. After doing some research, I ended up contacting SecuROM (apparently the company that developed the anti-piracy protection for many newer games.) I was told by SecuROM that any software protected by their product will not run on a virtual machine.


      Can anyone confirm or disprove that statement?


      Also, can anyone recommend a way to run the game on my virtual machine, or do I need to go purchase the mac version instead?