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    Monitoring VMware ESX Server on Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager 2007

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      I am trying to setup monitoring of my ESX servers, which are running on HP DL380G5 servers, using Operations Manager 2007.  There is an excellent document (http://opsmgr.wordpress.com/) produced by a guy called Jonathan Hambrook that teaches you how to configure your ESX host and Operations Manager to do the monitoring.  I have been following this document, and I have setup a few monitors from faults that I am able to cause (eg. removing a power supply or NIC cable).



      The problem that I am experiencing is simulating hardware faults of the CPU/Memory/System Board/RAID card etc... to generate alerts to be sent to my Operations Manager server.  I know the OID information to look for, but the complicated part is knowing the line number that contains the information to alert on (I hope this makes sense).



      I am wondering if anyone else out there is trying to do what I'm trying, or better still, has actually done it and could provide some information to me.