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    "No-Execute Memory Protection" BIOS setting

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      hi guys!


      while BIOS-upgrading our blade center (HP BL460c blades) i realized that the "No-Execute Memory Protection" setting was turned off everywhere. google, however, told me that turning on this setting would be a clever thing to do. the only problem is changing this BIOS setting results in our esx servers (3.5.0 / 64607; Infrastructure Center 2.5) complaining that the CPU is now different than it was at the point the VMs were created, and thus won't vmotion them. this kinda sucks because i don't really want to mess around with CPUID masks.



      any ideas how to get around this? is there an easy hack to make the VMs vmotion again? or just leave the setting as it was, turned off?





      thanks in advance,






      • Tom


      EDIT: shutting down the guests, moving them to an different esx server with "No-Execute Memory Protection" turned on, starting them there, enables me to vmotion them between those servers which also have this setting turned on. weird...