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    I can not boot any Virtual Machine

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      ref:6.0.2 build-59824






      open suse 10.3 64b //






      Problem: trying to load any VM the screen  <Grub loading stage2Read Error..> and IPL stops



      Description: I have been running the workstation under different version of suse since 5.0. After installing opensuse 10.3 it worked perfect. I installed a new kernel and I am not sure if this did it or it happened unrelated to that. The workstation loads OK. I have few VM: 2 version of win XP, fedora 7, win 3.1, DOS. All were working very well. Now if I try to load any of them the screen stop like if the MBR is corrupted, well the table.



      I removed  ~/.vmware with no effect. I uninstall and reinstall vm workstation with no effect.



      Any clues where I should look at it. It is probably something very obvious but  I can not see it












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          Guys I am so embarrased that even I though in not posting this reply




          It is "mia culpa". I had a floppy in the driver that has a backup of the first to sectors where grub is. The bios boot sequence does not include the floppy so it was not a problem to boot the computer. Of course when I started vmware it read the floppy and .......



          Shame on me.



          Hope all of you have happy new year.