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    Low Cost ESX 3.5 System - Suggestions?

    gopherhockey Novice


      For training purposes, I would like to put together a Vmware ESX 3.5 compatible computer to use in a lab environment.  Something that can still run 3-4 systems, but also something that is not expensive.



      To test with Windows 2008 Hyper-V it took about $550 on newegg.com and I have a solid lab box that can run 4-5 systems easily.   Plenty to train on and practice.



      With Vmware ESX its more confusing.  First, the dual-CPU requirement seems to force me into server class motherboards.   I think there are some motherboards meant for home systems that could pull it off.  My guess is it will have to be Intel  EM64T compatible (in order to run 64-bit hosts) as I'm having a hard time finding dual-CPU mothersboard that run AMD Athlon X2 type processors (something in the $140 range per processor)



      I figure someone here has had probably done the same.   I have an old Dell server that can run ESX, but its huge, slow, only has 3GB ram and while it has dual CPU its not 64-bit compatible.



      Has anyone been able to put together a dual-CPU system for at or around $600?



      So far it looks like the majority of my training will remain on Hyper-V.  A nice product actually.  Good thing they support Single CPU.






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