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    setup cannot copy vmscsi.sys

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      For Workstation 6



      I thought I would mark the subject as above as that is the message I got whilst trying to intall XP (guest) to another partition. I had already installed Vista guest to the first partition and I wanted to dual boot the two. Without the vmware driver, xp couldn't find any partitions to install to. Although the driver loaded from a floppy disk or image file, it wouldn't actually install to the operating system for unknow reasons. The host was an Enterprise version of Linux.



      The exact scenario is here:






      My solution is simple, take the driver from vmware and integrate in into an iso package (Nlite is ideal for this). This works for XP and Vista. I used the driver directly from Vmtools. Although not necessary, I suppose it would also be possible to integrate the display and network drivers. I also integrated the LSI logic driver. You only need to integrate them as txt mode drivers in Nlite.






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          Ok, I have solved the "cannot copy ..." problem as follows:


          1.- Pressing ESC several times to allow the installation to proceed without copying the files to the hard disk

          2.- When copying finishes, the VM will reboot, at this point, disconnect the virtual floppy and connect the CD ISO for Hiren's BOOT CD 9.7 instead of the XP's install CD

          3.- Allow the VM to boot from the Hiren's BOOT CD, and select to Start Mini XP from there, when the Mini XP asks for "Press F6 to ...", press F6 and connect the floppy again, then select the driver

          4.- Mini XP boots with the driver provided in the floppy and both the floppy (with the driver) and the recently created HDD partition (never booted though) are visible in the Windows Explorer (as A: and E:)

          5.- Copy the vmscsi.sys file from the floppy (A:) to the folder E:\Windows\System32\Drivers, copy vmscsi.inf from the floppy to E:\Windows\Inf

          6.- Reboot the Mini XP, remounting the Windows Installation CD, but allowing it to boot from the hard drive...


          The installation then continues as usual...

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            Hey everyone. After reading through tons of posts and threads regarding driver copy errors, I think I have a solution (at least one that worked perfectly for me).



            It looks as though the ones getting the vmscsi.sys error during a Windows XP Professional install,  are probably using a re-packaged version of windows. Repackaged meaning an ISO slipstreamed with the latest service pack and/or updates, drivers, etc. This is commonly done with programs such as NLite.



            However, you don't need to run any of these programs to fix the driver copy errors. All you need to do is change a value in a file, reinject the file back into the ISO, and use that ISO to install.



            As explained by Josh in this thread:










            ...doesn't seem like a vmware problem. seems like your XP PRO has the OEMPREINSTALL set to YES. is this a custom XP install disk? check the WINNT.sif file in the i386 folder. Make sure the OEMPREINSTALL=no. I have built custom install before and if the OEMPREINSTALL is set to yes it will not copy new drivers into the INSTALL directory.







            This worked well for me. I particularly used MagicISO to extract the WINNT.sif to a place I could edit it (desktop or folder), I changed OEMPREINSTALL="Yes"  to OEMPREINSTALL="No"



            Don't forget to disconnect the vmware floppy image or set it in your vm bios to not read on startup (otherwise you'll get a NTLDR boot error).