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    Windows NT4.0 Guest showing 99% CPU

    bblqk83 Enthusiast


      I recently Virtualized an old NT4.0 Server, ported it onto an ESX 2.5.3 Server.   The Guest is running SP6a, when you check Virtual Centre it shows the guest cpu running at 96% all the time. If you Log onto the Guest the cpu is running at 5%...  If you check the host it shows 39% CPU Usage, if you shut the NT4.0 Server down the host cpu usage drops to 14% so the NT4.0 Server appears to be using 25% of the physical CPU all the time.



      What could cause this and how could i fix it?   I have tried changing the IdleLoop and the CPU shares, also forced it to only run on 1 physical CPU.. Still get the same issue.