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    Paravirtualization - ESX 3.5

    CiscoKid Hot Shot

      Anyone have any working examples of using the new feature in ESX 3.5 with the Paravirtualization?  I see that it annotates that it will only improve performance for OSes that can use VMI...is there documentation on that list of OSes?  I am just curious.  Thanks.

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          uslacker99 Expert

          I've run Ubuntu 7.1.0 with VMI and it works great. The time keeps up without having to mess with NTP or anything. I would recommend running NTP in production though. You can get a maximum of a 30% performance gain, but it's probably unlikely.


          Just check the box for VMI under advanced options when the VM is down and you should see VMI if you grep for it in /var/log/messages after it comes back up.

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            CiscoKid Hot Shot

            Any advantage that you know of with running paravirtualization on a Windows based system?

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              uslacker99 Expert

              No windows paravirT yet.

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                tomaz Enthusiast

                I get a message that my CPU does not support long mode when enabling it for Ubuntu server 7.10/amd64. Not sure whether this is BIOS config problem (on DL380G5) or what.

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                  EvilGenius Lurker

                  Got the same problem with 64-Bit Ubuntu and paravirt. (... doesn't support long mode) here. Any solutions yet?

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                    kevin@clearpointe Novice


                    You have to use an AMD 64-bit CPU or and Intel CPU that suppots EMT64 (VT).  We use the Intel Quad-core E5335's, and HP does not enable the VT emulation by default.  Had to go into the BIOS and enable it.  Now we can run 64-bit VMs.



                    Hope that helps!






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                      EvilGenius Lurker


                      I double checked this on all our three machines, "Intel (R) Virtualization Support" (original quote from BIOS) is enabled.



                      To be sure I downloaded the VMware CPUid utility, it reports the following:









                      Reporting CPUID for 8 logical CPUs...


                      All CPUs are identical


                      Family: 06 Model: 0f Stepping: b
                      ID1ECX            ID1EDX            ID81ECX            ID81EDX
                      0x0004e3bd    0xbfebfbff        0x00000001    0x20100000

                      VT is enabled on this CPU bin


                      Vendor                                 : Intel

                      Processor Cores                  : 4

                      Brand String                        : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU            E5345@2,336 GHz

                      SSE Support                        : SSE1, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3

                      Supports NX / XD                 : Yes

                      Supports CMPXCHG16B      : Yes

                      Supports 64-bit Longmode : Yes

                      Supports 64-bit VMware      : Yes







                      So everything should be okay, I assume. VMI support is working fine with 32bit Linux (dmesg says the kernel has recognized and is using vmi support). 64bit systems are running fine, too (both Linux and Windows2k3), but Linux fails booting when activating VMI support for the virtual machine. I tried that with both 64bit Kubuntu 7.10 and CentOS 5, results are the same.

                      By the way, I tried deactivating VT support in BIOS, the CPUid reports then correctly: "Supports 64-bit VMware: no (may be enabled by BIOS option)".




                      So is this a bug or am I missing something?



                      Additional info: motherboard is an INTEL S5000PAL. BIOS is up to date.






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                        uslacker99 Expert

                        There's no 64bit support for VMI.

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                          rmroz Lurker

                          Is there any document stating where exactly can you use paravirtualization? It's the first time I got the message stating 64bit paravirt for Linux is not available. 32bit is working fine in my case, while 64bit isn't - just to clarify.

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                            Texiwill Guru
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                            Check out kernel.org for information on the latest additions to the Linux kernel. If you are looking specifically at one distribution you should check that distributions documentation. But kernel.org is the definitive location for kernel answers.


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