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    ESX server not connected in VI client

    tomaddox Hot Shot

      Starting today, I have an ESX Server that showed up as not connected in the VI Client (VI 2.0.2).  I tried disconnecting and reconnecting, and the reconnect process wound up taking about half an hour to time out.  I did some investigating, and it turned out that all the ESX servers had wildly different dates and times set.  I reconfigured ntpd (we had decommissioned our old ntp server) and resynched the time with ntpdate.  Now, the rogue ESX Server gets to the point that I am eventually prompted for a username and password when reconnecting, but the host will not reconnect, eventually failing with the error "Unable to access the specified host.  It either does not exist, the server software is not responding, or there is a network problem."  /var/log/messages shows the following output:


      Dec 26 13:27:36 mcmsfobve03 /usr/lib/vmware/hostd/vmware-hostd[28207]: Accepted password for user vpxuser from

      Dec 26 14:37:45 mcmsfobve03 /usr/lib/vmware/hostd/vmware-hostd[28207]: Accepted password for user root from

      Dec 26 14:39:48 mcmsfobve03 /usr/lib/vmware/hostd/vmware-hostd[28207]: Accepted password for user root from

      Dec 26 14:39:48 mcmsfobve03 passwd(pam_unix)[6938]: password changed for vpxuser


      /var/log/vmware/hostd.log shows:

      [2007-12-26 14:39:47.911 'App' 79944624 verbose] Accepted authd connection from:
      [2007-12-26 14:39:48.069 'TaskManager' 134192048 info] Task Created : haTask--vim.SessionManager.login-32
      [2007-12-26 14:39:48.239 'Vimsvc' 134192048 info] [Auth]: User root
      [2007-12-26 14:39:48.355 'ha-eventmgr' 134192048 info] Event 15 : User root@ logged in
      [2007-12-26 14:39:48.356 'TaskManager' 134192048 info] Task Completed : haTask--vim.SessionManager.login-32
      [2007-12-26 14:39:48.407 'TaskManager' 75213744 info] Task Created : haTask-ha-folder-root-vim.host.LocalAccountManager.createUser-33
      [2007-12-26 14:39:48.477 'TaskManager' 75213744 info] Task Completed : haTask-ha-folder-root-vim.host.LocalAccountManager.createUser-33
      [2007-12-26 14:39:48.481 'Vmomi' 75213744 info] Activation [N5Vmomi10ActivationE:0xa156978] : Invoke done [createUser] on [vim.host.LocalAccountManager:ha-localacctmgr]
      [2007-12-26 14:39:48.489 'Vmomi' 75213744 info] Throw vim.fault.AlreadyExists
      [2007-12-26 14:39:48.493 'Vmomi' 75213744 info] Result:(vim.fault.AlreadyExists) {
         name = "vpxuser"
         msg = ""
      [2007-12-26 14:39:48.602 'TaskManager' 3076452480 info] Task Created : haTask-ha-folder-root-vim.host.LocalAccountManager.updateUser-34
      [2007-12-26 14:39:48.879 'TaskManager' 3076452480 info] Task Completed : haTask-ha-folder-root-vim.host.LocalAccountManager.updateUser-34
      [2007-12-26 14:39:48.923 'TaskManager' 79944624 info] Task Created : haTask--vim.AuthorizationManager.setEntityPermissions-35
      [2007-12-26 14:39:48.950 'TaskManager' 79944624 info] Task Completed : haTask--vim.AuthorizationManager.setEntityPermissions-35
      [2007-12-26 14:39:50.001 'ha-eventmgr' 66186160 info] Event 16 : User root logged out
      [2007-12-26 14:39:50.023 'VmdbAdapter' 66186160 verbose] Removed vmdb connection /db/connection/#8/

      DRS is enabled in the cluster, but HA is not.


      Basically, the error seems to indicate that the vpxuser account already exists, which is true.  Deleting the account with vipw seems to have improved the initial responsiveness of the ESX host when reattaching it to the cluster (i.e., it prompts for a username and password more quickly), but it still will not reconnect.  The virtual machines are still running, so I'm reluctant to just reboot the server, especially without understanding what's going on.


      Any thoughts?

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