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    Local Storage Missing on ESX Server

    Marc P Enthusiast


      A couple of days ago our Dell PowerEdge 2950 decided that it would loose its disks. After a reboot the disks were redetected OK and we managed to get the server backup OK.



      For some reason the the local storage that used to be called Storage is missing from the storage section. If I click Add Storage and click through I can see the local disk there but it says it will destroy all data on the disk. Is this how I should be adding the local storage back in?









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          Vladimir_x Lurker


          I have a similar issue. I use VMware ESXi 5.5.0 u1, and after a power failure, when the system was back online, I haven't been able to see any of my local datastores (2 ssd disks, and 1 sata hdd).

          It prompts to create new datastores, I can see my LUN devices, but I loose all the data if I will complete the Add Storage... process. I've searched the web but I couldn't find a solution to recover my datastores yet. Is there something locked? How I can recover the datastores?