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    Cheap ESX server, onboard SATA - Working !!

    youngy100 Lurker

      Hi, just thought I would let people know that I got ESX 3.5 working on some cheap hardware with SATA.





      E2160 (no VT - 64bit guests, only found out after purchase) clocked to 3.0Ghz $94au



      Gigabyte P35-DS3 $131au



      4GB 800 RAM $102au



      128MB 7300 Video Card $29au



      SATA HDD - allredy had lying around



      Intel 10/100 nic (NEED DUE TO REALTEK ON BOARD NOT SUPPORTED BY ESX) - allready had lying around



      So for $356 Australian Dollars I have a ESX server.






      Here is the wierd stuff, I had to use a USB DVD/CD rom, if I used a IDE it would say no storage found. Also I had to use esx text mode for the install, with no PS2 mouse connected. I am using the orange SATA0 port for the HDD. You must set the SATA in the BIOS to ACHI and RAID/IDE, try the install it will fail, reset the ACHI back to what it was and try the install again. Also my Silicom PCI SATA (addon card) was reconised only once ESX was installled, I could not install to it. I think this is how I got it to work, I have only installed it twice so far, once I get the final release of 3.5 I will try again.



      Hope someone finds this interesting for a home setup