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    Web UI is the future?

    GnatGoSplat Enthusiast


      I am not a fan of the Web UI to put it politely.  It's slooooow on an AMD X2 4400+ machine.  I can actually see the screen update.  The more I use it, the less I enjoy it.  I can see it has its place for convenient remote admin, but there should be a choice between it and the original style console for configuration.  Is there, or will there be a Win32 style program for management/console, possibly as a separate download, or is Web UI the future?



      For that matter, I'm not a fan of this forum software either!  It was a lot better several months ago.






        • 1. I got the word on that somewhere else.
          alizard Novice

          I won't be upgrading to V2.0 unless and until they put the console back in.

          • 2. Re: I got the word on that somewhere else.
            eot Novice

            I have to agree. This "thin" client isn't so thin.  Tomcat has a fairly hefty footprint on the server, and it doesn't work at all through port forwarding.  The old "thick" client and mui both worked flawlessly through a port forwarded firewall.  I really hope that we're given the option.

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              Hot Shot

              Performance improvements are on the schedule for upcoming releases.  In terms of paradigm, are there issues besides performance that cause you to not like a web user interface?  Browser versions, feature set, etc?

              • 4. Re: I got the word on that somewhere else.
                eot wrote:

                it doesn't work at all through port forwarding.


                Can you elaborate here? Which ports are you forwarding? It should work if you forward the HTTPS port (or whatever port you picked for HTTPS traffic during the install process), and port 902 a.k.a. the authd port.

                • 5. there are times when running VMware Server on the desktop
                  alizard Novice

                  that one just doesn't want to be bothered with opening a browser. Especially if the rest of the computer is running at high resource utilization.

                  • 6. Re: there are times when running VMware Server on the desktop
                    xupetas Novice


                    there is also the problem that i dont have browsers installed on my linux vmserver machines and i dont want to go around the datacenter with a laptop to use.



                    i think that vmware console is great AND that vmware-cmd is unreplaceable....






                    please bring them back.



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                      eot Novice

                      Currently I can't see how I would remotely administer more than 1 vmware server 2 box.  From another thread it seems that I need to forward both port 902 and the https port but cannot translate them to alternate ports (thus allowing remote administration of more than 1 server)  With vmware server 1 it was simple, I could forward port 902 to anything I wanted as I could specify it in the the vmware console instance, and same with the mui.  I guess it also comes down to the fact if I didn't want to install the mui I didn't have to...all management interfaces could be remote and technically more portable.  In a pinch I could run the vmware console through a SSH tunnel.  I'm challenged to find similar solutions with vmware server 2.


                      If you provide the same level of flexibility as we have come to take for granted with vmware server 1 with your new product then it would be easier to migrate to your web interface.  However, there should be a way to manage multiple vmware server instances from 1 instance of the web console.  Just as I only required 1 installation of the vmware console software, it should not be necessary to have more than 1 instance of the web console.  It seems to be a waste of memory and processor cycles that could be better used by the guests, since in the long run, that's what these servers are there for.


                      I'm definitely flexible, but I still need to be able to do my job on a day to day basis, as does every other admin here I would assume.  As I was more than willing to start using vmware server 1 from its first beta, I will do the same with server 2 in the hopes that our input helps shape its development.  There is some amazing advances being made for a free product.


                      Please let me know if you would like more input or information, and please keep up the development!



                      • 8. Re: I got the word on that somewhere else.
                        eot Novice

                        As to what ports I'm forwarding:


                        On the server I have it installed to use the default ports:


                        Management -> 902

                        HTTP -> 80

                        HTTPS -> 443


                        I translate this through my firewall to:


                        Management -> 906

                        HTTP -> Not forwarded (does it need to be?)

                        HTTPS -> 8086


                        The web interface loads fine remotely, but when I attempt to login I get "Web service unavailable"  I am able to login from a local server.  Is there some place I can set the ports, or do I need to change them locally to match the remote ports?  I'd kind of like to be able to keep the defaults (makes installing easier).


                        Anyhow, please let me know if you need more information.





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                          Medium Novice


                          With VMware Server 2 beta 1.. u can manage all your guests in one web browser, just like VMware 1.04 console






                          Best Regards















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                            TAMW Enthusiast

                            You don't have to use the web UI



                            You can try the thick VI client. See screenshot

                            • 11. Re: Web UI is the future?
                              jperlow Novice





                              I am going to repeat here what I said on the main Server forum.



                              All I can say is I am royally pissed they removed the native console application. It was fast, worked well, stable, and did what I wanted it to do. Now we have a slow, buggy web app that should never be the primary interface

                              for a console. Now we are forced into installing VNC or NX to be able

                              to get fast console access to our virtual boxes. The web interface is

                              horrid, confusing and slow -- Why the hell couldnt have VMWare ported

                              the Virtual Infrastructure 3 client to a neutral platform, like QT, and

                              have native versions for Windows, Linux and Mac, instead of this

                              horrible thing? Even Java would have been better than this peice of





                              I plead... I implore... no, I BEG... VMWare to Open Source the VMWare

                              Server Console and the interface API specs so we can maintain it as a

                              viable management option going forward. Nobody should be forced into

                              using a web interface for a virtual machine console. As a loyal VMWare

                              user since 1999 and having worked with every version of the product

                              since then, in GSX, ESX, Server, Workstation and Player versions, I

                              strongly urge the company to reconsider removing the native console.

                              PUT IT BACK!!!!!!








                              Jason Perlow




                              Sr. Technology Editor




                              Linux Magazine




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                                TAMW Enthusiast

                                there is a native console app, see my previous post

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                                  TAMW Enthusiast

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                                    TAMW Enthusiast

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