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    Vmware vs FreeNAS vs Lacie Ethernet Disk Mini

    Luciano Patrao Hot Shot



      I have installed a small VMware ESX Lab in home.


      I have a VMware Desktop with:


      AMD Athlon  64 x2 Dual Core Processor 5200+

      3Gb Memory

      Hard Disk IDE 60Gb


      This is my VMware ESX Server. The Vmware is installed and working. I have another desktop with Virtual Center installed. All is ok.


      But my problem is that i do not have SCSI Discs(only IDE and SATA), or a Storage to hold the VMs. I have a Lacie Ethernet Disk Mini 500Gb that i want to use for this. But i know that this Lacie does not support NFS only SMB, AFP, HTTP, FTP, UPnP. So to bypass this, i have installed another server with the FreeNAS v0.686, that i can use for this.




      So can i create a shared storage in the FreeNAS using my Lacie, and add on my ESX to hold de VMs? If so, how?

      Can i enable ISCSI on the FreeNAS and then i can use on the ESX? If so, how?


      This is i think what i can have to use the hardware that i have. But can i use the hardware that i have to work another solution? If yes, please can anyone explain how?


      Thank for the help