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    Blogger? Join VMware's referral program


      Are you a blogger or do you have a website? Are you a Workstation fan? Want to earn a few bucks?


      VMware is doing a bit of testing with a pilot program for online Workstation referrals. You post a text or image link to your site linking to us and get paid for Workstation purchases. This is a pilot, so slots are limited. Note: you must be in the US to participate. Sorry about that, folks, but a more comprehensive program will roll out soon.


      Just shoot me a private message here or email at jtroyer at vmware.


      I apologize for this ad-like post. Thanks for all your support.




      p.s. I'm also working on getting together a set of badges for your website for Workstation and VMware fans, whether you want to join a referral program or not.