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    VMWare + Synergy: Plans for a patch?

    it.ma+a Lurker

      I am running:

      1. A Windows XP machine as a Synergy server

      2. A Linux (Ubuntu 7.10) as a Synergy client and host to VMWare Workstation


      As has been observed in another forum (http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=539546), but not, to what I have seen, in these forums, there are problems with the "Synergized" keyboard. Specifically the  keys don't seem to work in the guest OSes on machine #2.


      Any timeline for a fix?



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          tosvar Lurker


          Hi there -



          I am running a very similar setup and have problems with the keymapping also.   My synergy server is a macbook runnig OSX 10.5.latest.  My synergy client is ubuntu 7.10 and the guest OS's are all windows based.



          cntl, shift, capslock, and space are wacky.  Space requires two presses to emit one space.  The others don't work at all.  So no caps, no cntl, etc.  VNC works but it's just not the same and is almost too slow to use.  Patch?  Work around?   Any help would be appreciated.






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            iwanttobeamole Lurker


            I also have a similar setup, and the same problem,



            Synergy running as host on an XP machine, then Ubuntu 7.10 with VMware and ctrl + shift don't work, and when capslock is on, I can't type anything.



            Keypresses on the ubuntu machine (not via Synergy) operate as per normal.



            Have tested virtualbox which is fine.  All other apps via Synergy are fine, so I would suspect some sort of vmware/synergy compatibilty issue. 






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              docsmooth Enthusiast

              I run ubuntu 7.10 as the synergy server with VMWare workstatino 6.02.  The XP system is the guest.  I have no issues - can you guys change your server/client setup?

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                moondevil Enthusiast

                HI, I'm running Linux Mint 4.0 (based on ubuntu) as a server connecting to another Mint box running VM Workstation with an XP guest. Exactly the same problems as you describe. However, if running Linux as server to Windows sysnergy client and then  workstation within Windows, everything operates correctly, so I would suggest the bug is within the Synergy client process for Linux.

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                  Ehron Novice








                  This behavior was reported to the Synergy developers a long time ago.  Their are a few duplicate bugs that have been entered as recently as last month.  I don't forsee a quick resolution.



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                    VMWonk Lurker

                    I am running OSX 10.5.4 Synergy server  --> connecting to a Ubuntu 8.0.4 client --> hosting VMware windows clients.


                    The  keys are not functioning inside the VMware clients.


                    They do, however work inside the Ubuntu Host.


                    I found the following bug post -- I am hoping this resolved at some point.  Will have to hook up my old KVM or find something else for now as this renders Synergy useless for me.




                    See also:







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                      VMWonk Lurker

                      It looks promising but I'm not sure I want to get into hacking and re-compiling synergy at this point.  Looks like it might would work if I had time to pursue it.

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                        f123456 Lurker

                        It may not be exactly the same problem but it's the close to mine and when there is a simple solution to your problem, then it would most certainly fix mine too, so I'm posting it here hoping it might help someone.


                        My problem was: I couldn't get the Alt Gr key working. The shift key did work, ctrl+alt(=alt gr) didn't work ether.


























                        Since Alt Gr is essential for most non-english keyboard layouts, I found a workaround to get it working (with ubuntu on the vm):







                        In Synergy:







                        1. create a keyboard shortcut in Synergy:  







                        Hotkey: keystroke: alt gr+<x>    (where x is a key you want to press together with alt gr on your keyboard layout)

                        Action: keystroke <special key>+<y> (y beeing the desired key on US layout)







                        The special key could be  left/right alt/ctrl/win or menu, capslock or scrolllock, just make sure it works in the vm.







                        2.  In the keyboard layout preferences, add the USA layout (non-default) and under layout options > layout switching check '<special key>switches layout while pressed.'



















                        Now when alt gr + x is pressed on the server, it's converted to <special>+y, send to the host which types a x by switching to US layout, which is  the same character as alt gr + x on your layout.

                        You may have to assign Action: <shiftspecial key><y> to type a character that is typed by using shift on the us layout.































                        Is there any simpler solution?




















                        if <shiftspecial key><y> doesnt, work. you may have create more than one action per hotkey:







                        press shift,

                        press and releas special+x

                        release shift






                        or switch shift with special or change  special behavior in ubuntu to switch rather than while pressed.