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    Painfully Slow vmkfstools import from smbshare

    jwnchoate Enthusiast


      I have a 2gbsparse 60GB .vmdk stored on a smb share.  It was originally copied from a ESX2 platform.  Now after the VI3 upgrade I am copying this disk back into the SAN LUN formated at vmfs3.  The command I use is:



      vmkfstools -i /mnt/smbshare/folder/virtualdisk.vmdk /vmfs/volumes/LUN0/servername/virtualdisk.vmdk



      It is working and copying over.  It is taking the chopped up 2gbsaparse disk and copying it to the new vmfs3 lun.  Its converting it back to the new format and is copying so far at 75%.  But its been 24 hours to copy 45G of the 60G drive.  30 hours seems a long time to copy a 60GB disk.  There are no routers, just some 1GB links through the switches.  At 2GB an hour to copy thats going to take quite a bit of time to copy several other disks back.  Any ideas why its so slow?  It did not take that long to copy them before.  In the past I copied 100GB disks in 5 hours at 20GB and hour.