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    3.0.1 --> 3.0.2 upgrade disk performance drops 84%

    Jae Ellers Master


      While doing some unrelated work on the test systems I noticed their local disk was very slow.  So we added BBWC to those systems.  While waiting for the hardware to show up we upgraded the systems to 3.0.2 to work on our roll-out. 






      After looking at the numbers I'm shocked.  I ran IOMeter at 32k block with 100%, 50%, 0% read tests.  I ran local disk and san tests.  Initial SAN tests were right where I'd expect them on an older, 2Gb machine.  After the upgrade the SAN througput and IOPs were down 60-84%.  You can see the BBWC increased performance (marginally) on the local disks.






      Anyone seen this?  Has anyone looked?  I'm going to research HBA firmware and see if I need to update the test systems, but any ideas or confirmation would be appreciated.






      Backend is 2 EVA 8000s.  Gear is HP DL380 G3 w/ 2Gb Qlogic cards.  Results are attached.