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    HP DL385 ILO within ESX

    greggap Novice


      Hi All,



      I have a question, I am not greatly familiar with ILO so maybe someone can help me.  I have a server at

      a remote location I have no physical access to.  The server is running ESX 3.01, is there anyway

      to reset the ILO to factory defaults or change the IP address somehow from within a running

      VM or from the linux terminal? I suspect the IP is configured incorrectly on the ILO configuration.















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          doubleH Expert


          not that i'm aware of. if you can't connect to the ip of the iLO then you will need access to the console to reset the config to factory defaults. the only other way i can think of attach it to an ip kvm. you would then be able to get access to the server console via the kvm.






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            MR-T Champion


            I think you have to complete this with physical access.



            When the server boots, press F8 (I think) and then you'll be able to configure the ilo options.



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              One way is as  the server boots press F8 so you can reset the ilo to factory defaults. The other way is to boot the system under Linux (maintenance mode) and use HPRSM to reset the ILO as well. HPRSM is not part of the ESX HPASM bundle and has to be installed separately. This however may break HPASM so that once you use HPRSM you may have to reinstall HPASM once more. The HPRSM method may not always work, where the F8 method will.


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                dominic7 Virtuoso

                Physical access it not necessary to configure ilo, I do it all the time with the hponcfg utility.... which in some ways is very scary that you can get physical access to the host from inside the host, but since the capability is there you might as well take advantage of it.



                First you need to download and install the hponcfg utiltity from HP:


                hponcfg 1.6.0-1 (linux)











                Then you need to install it via rpm





                #>rpm -ivh hponcfg-1.6.0-1.linux.rpm
















                Next, you will need to craft a .xml file to change your ip information and possibly your passwords. Note that you don't have to know the admin password to change the admin password and/or network settings. I'll post a sample one here which covers most of the basics. If you want to auth ilo against AD you'll have to do some more work. Download the attachment that I added, change to match your variables. Then you just need to apply the .xml





                #>hponcfg -f configure_ilo.xml

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                  doubleH Expert

                  wow. didn't know that. that is very cool.

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                    Jae Ellers Master

                    Furthermore, if you have a chicken and egg problem (can't get to the ESX server because no ssh, etc) you have one other hope. HP also has a remote config utility called CPQLOCFG.EXE that can be run remotely. Ask someone on site to give you the userid, password, and dns name from the "toe-tag" or sticker on the system. If they haven't been reset manually the following will help:


                    See http://h18013.www1.hp.com/products/servers/management/ilobest-practice.html for general info and sample scripts.


                    Download cqplocfg at http://h18013.www1.hp.com/support/files/lights-out/us/index.html for whichever ilo is in the 385 and whatever your batch system is running. This can be run against the same ilo config as Dominic posted above.



                    This is how I preconfigure ilo ports on new blades when they come in.



                    Of course, if you know the username, password, and dhcp name you can just login...  But it's good to reset and configure ilo.  Getting AD authentication running is nice.

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                      Schorschi Expert

                      if the ILO is alive, and you can connect to it and access the remote console, you can reboot the system, and F8 into ILO, in the boot ILO control, you can reset it.  But really you need technical support on site, in case you need the secuirty DIP for ILO flipped.

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                        wildchief Lurker


                        I struggled with the iLO setup with ADS but this article got me through most of it









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                          MHAV Hot Shot

                          Well Grag there isnt you have to have physical access to the sever