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    VMWare Fusion & Fedora 7 - mouse scroll wheel not working

    piper21556 Novice



      I have a couple of questions - first, why isn't "Fedora" one of the "officially" supported linux distributions for Fusion 1.0? Fedora is fairly common and has been around for quite awhile, but slightly different than the various Red Hat distributions.


      I was able to install VMware Fusion 1.0 (current version as of today 10/17/07) no problem and was also able to install Fedora 7 as the "guest" OS. VMware tools also installed, even though it had to compile the kernel module. Everything seems to work fine, except the scroll wheel on the mouse. I'm running OSX 10.4.10, on a Mac Pro laptop (intel core 2 duo processor w/ 2 gb memory) with a Logitech Bluetooth wheel mouse. I can scroll fine with the wheel under OSX, but not under fedora. The wheel operates as the center button just fine under both, and both the other buttons work fine under both OSs, it's just that the wheel won't scroll under Linux...


      Thoughts? suggestions?