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    Getting Ready To Take The Exam!!

    Oil Slick Enthusiast


      Greeting From Edmonton



      I have been preparing for the exam (ESX 3).  Just a few questions



      • How long is the exam and about how many questions?



      • Can you recommend some good practice exam resources??






      I bought Test King's exam resource...but after looking at the mock exam on VMware's site, this thing looks way to easy.






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          jandie Enthusiast


          Good morning,



          This maybe a tad late, but here are some answers to your questions:


          • Time: 90 minutes

          • Questions: 70

          • Exam resource: plenty
                 Check this posting: http://communities.vmware.com/message/772534

          • Make sure you have hands-on experience, I think this is a must (you get to see things you don't read in the manuals)

          • Have you taken the course yet?

          • As for Test King, I heard you shouldn't trust the answers that were given.  Go to the VMTN and search for VCP, I've seen a lot of postings indicating that those brain dumps type of exams can't be trusted for answers.  I would imagine it would make things more difficult to study if you use a set of mock questions and the answers given were the wrong ones.  Let's keep this certification valuable.


          Hope that helps a bit, I've also posted some other comments about the exam, just look at my postings.






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            Oil Slick Enthusiast

            Thanx Johan,






            Yes I have taken the course and yes I have quite a bit experience with VMware in a production environment.



            I am of the opinion that these exams don't automatically make you more valuable in the real world the minute you write and pass the exam as opposed to the 90 minutes before you walked into the the testing center. But if it makes me more marketable, then you have to do it!







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              jandie Enthusiast





              I hear ya!









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                opbz Hot Shot


                So did you take it and pass it?






                Personally I found the class not too bad but missing some infomration that was asked for in the test. I used also the min max configuration  document frmo their website along with the admin guide.






                Overall a pretty easy test.



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                  boucher.marc Novice





                  Particularly some of the numerical limitations of some items were not covered in the course. For instance what is the max number of ports on a vSwitch...






                  checks his VirtualCenter



                  I studied the night before and passed easily. you'll do fine. (If you have not already that is!)