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    VMware eats up disk space, chkdsk needed

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      I use VMware Server v1.0.4 on Windows XP Pro SP2, NTFS partition.



      When a VM is runing and accesses its virtual disk, the space on the real (host) disk is slowly eaten up, until vmware gives a no disk space error (retry/abort/continue).





      If I stop the VM and exit the vmware console. The disk space is still gone. The disk is almost full (minus the size of the vmem file).





      I have to run "chkdsk /f" to reclaim the lost space. Is this normal ?










      I have a VM with one non-preallocated IDE disk file (disk1.vmdk). I have also a pre-allocated IDE disk file. (disk2.vmdk) The file disk1.vmdk is compressed (NTFS feature: file / Properties / Advanced / Compress this file to save disk space), this saves me 22 GB of disk space. disk1 represents a 80 GB virtual disk, because it is not-preallocated the actual file is 34 GB big (and due to NTFS compression it really takes only 11 GB of space on the physical disk).




      In the running VM I copy data from the disk1 to disk2. Which is preallocated. But somethings goes eating disk space, up to 10 GB, when it runs out and vmware gives that error message I mentioned.





      Any idea ? Should I downgrade to 1.0.3 ?











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