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    HBA Adapter queue depth

    Natsidan Enthusiast


      I want to set the Adapter queue depth on a Qlogic HBA. Do I have to edit the esx.conf file or is there a command i can run to



      add the queue depth to both adapters in one go. Any thoughts on the merits of changing the queue depth would be helpfull












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          Gabrie Master





          Normally the queue depth is at 64 I thought. Changing the queue depth would only help if your VMs would generate more queues then 64. For example, normally Windows has a queue depth of 1 normally.












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            dtux101 Hot Shot


            you should never manually edit esx.conf as if you have extra whitespaces, bad characters, etc. the file wont be read






            What you need to do for QLogic to increase the qdepth is






            esxcfg-module -l (to see what module is loaded - should be  qla2300_707_vmw)



            So do this to increase to 128



            esxcfg-module -s "ql2xmaxqdepth=128" qla2300_707_vmw



            Then run esxcfg-boot -b and reboot (this will load the changes into esx.conf which will be re-read upon reboot)



            P.S. QLogic has a queue depth that can be set 0 to 255. Emulex is capped at 64