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    Active debugger?

    nilshorn Lurker

      I have installed VMware Fusion plus Windows XP Professional on my iMac intel and it works, but when I try to start a special application I get this error message:

      "Cannot run with an active debugger in memory. Please unload the debugger and restart the application"

      I don't know what an active debugger is, and I don't know how to unload.

      Can anybody help me?

      Sincerely Nilshorn

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          "Cannot run with an active debugger in memory. Please unload the 

          debugger and restart the application"


          Whatever method your program is using to detect a debugger is 

          probably mistaking Fusion for a debugger (or the message is poorly 

          worded, I'd imagine any program interested in knowing about a 

          debugger would also want to know if it's running in a VM). If this is 

          the case, you need to convince the developer not to do this. What 

          program is it?

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            rcardona2k Champion

            Researching this, it appears Kazaa and several games check for an active debugger.  Games probably don't want you reverse-engineer them; I don't know about Kazaa.


            There are a lot of possible offenders that answer to 'Active debugger' like AV scanners/checkers and bonafide development tools debuggers.  Microsoft has a knowledge article on narrowing down the options at Games: Error Message: A Debugger Has Been Detected: Unload the Debugger and Try Again


            It's also been suggested to use Window compatibility modes like the "Windows 2000 compatibility mode" in properties of the icon but your mileage may vary.

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              nilshorn Lurker

              Thank you very much, I think you answerred my question and I will try the actions given by Microsoft, Thanks again, nilshorn