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    Which EqualLogic box to buy: 7,200 rpm or 10k rpm?

    cmsJustin Enthusiast

      We run Exchange on 10k drives right now. We are buying an EqualLogic SAN as we move to a virtual infrastructure. We have less than 1 TB of data right now, so I picked 3 TB as the minimum for 5-year growth potential (we are starting to use more for archiving).


      Here are the 3 boxes we are considering:


      PS300E:     5 TB usable, 7,200 rpm, $56,000

      PS3600X: 3.6 TB usable, 10,000 rpm, $59,000

      PS3900XV: 3.6 TB usable, 15,000, $67,000


      We had our sights set on the PS3900XV originally. EqualLogic came in recently and gave us a demo of the product. After talking with them, they suggested we purchase a PS300E. I told them that we run Exchange on 10k drives right now, are they sure that 7,200 will be fast enough. They said yes, and they have plenty of clients our size (100 users) using the 7,200. We don't need the extra 1.4TB of space, and the price is so relatively close...


      So maybe we don't need the PS3900XV. But shouldn't we at least get the PS3600X?


      Anyone else using a 7,200 rpm EqualLogic box in RAID 50 with VMware? 10k RAID 50? Both? Any suggestions are appreciated. I feel dirty putting 7,200 rpm drives in my rack...

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