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    Unable to remove old .vmdk

    jwnchoate Enthusiast

      I cannot remove an old virtual disk stored on a shared SAN LUN.  It says "device or resource busy" anyway I try to remove.  Its a vmfs2 filesystem.  ESX 2.5.  3 server access shared lun.


      The original vmdk was on the same host and lsof lists no open files.  But grepping the logs on other servers, they say that the original host is locking the file.


      I have removed the config files, but the .vmdk file will not delete.  I cannot reboot a production system, its not an option.


      I read vmkfstools -R can be useful, but there are other production vm's stored there and running and the warning says no host can be accessing it when the command is run, so Im out of luck there I guess.