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    Lousy support: SR closed before issue resolved.

    jarl Novice

      My brother bought a VMware license, and in the 30-day complimentary period we filed a SR (SR#238316). The problem was not resolved in the 30-day period, we hardly felt that the problem was understood and reproduced by VMware, and then suddenly the 30 days were gone.  We didn't hear from VMware until now approximately a year later. Now VMware tells us that they have cleaned up their old SR, and therefore have closed the SR. We replied to the mail (webform@vmware.com) with the SR in subject, but got an auto-reply that the SR was closed.


      That is what I call lousy support; Prolonge a support case until the support period is over, and then close the case without the customer having a chance make an objection.


      Anybody got an idea of how to reopen such a SR?


      We cannot even see the history of the SR, as it claims the SR period is over, and therefore does not have access to the SR system.



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          KevinG Guru

          The service request was opened in March of 2006


          The last email shows that you were informed that this would be turned into a feature request, since preserving the case sensitivity was not an option with shared folders. Feature requests are taken under consideration for a future release. It seems that you were given the workaround of using Samba, have you tried that for now as a work around?

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            jarl Novice

            Dear Kevin.


            We were promised (by email 10th april 2006) that


            The status of your support request will be marked as "Pending/Problem Report"

            until the feature request is closed.


            Feature request # 100352 was apparently created. However you did not

            keep your promise, because on 28th august 2007 (one and a half year

            later) we receive an email saying


            I am just cleaning the database and found this case being owned by a former



            Would like to apologize for that and answer your question.


            I wonder what question (I should answer) and how (the SR was closed)?


            You can check the status of your SR's here:

            I have also checked the status of your feature request.


            It is not yet fixed because this behaviour is cause by the SAMBA project that

            is having the same issue.


            This obviously shows that the problem I originally filed has been

            misunderstood. The problem is related to VMware Shared Folder. My description (which can be found on


            refered to samba server because I thought/expected that VMware Shared Folders was basically a samba server, but I have been corrected in the SR communication, that VMware Shared Folders is a hgfs file system.


            But there is a fix planned for WS 6.5


            Well, I will probably try out the beta.


            I am closing this SR as I don't think we need to research anything here



            Interesting, especially because we didn't have a chance to comment on that; replying to webform@vmware.com told us that the SR was closed, and any other direct communication required a support agreement.


            I would love to see the SR reopened again until the feature request is closed, just as you promised 10th april 2006. Further I would like to have access to view the status of the feature request that you created upon this problem, I consider that good customer service.