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    Attn Oracle DBAs

    vmNewb35 Hot Shot

      We are getting ready (or at least entertaining the idea of) to switch to Oracle 11g on RHEL.  We understand that this is a very successful configuration in the IT world currently.  We are wanting to run this on ESX and will thus be adding additional licensed copies to our environment should this be the final direction.


      1.  Is this a good fit for VMWare (i.e. are you folks doing it currently?)

      2.  We will be running EPM (PeopleSoft) on this and we understand that it is fairly intensive model building and data warehousing.

      3.  We have been told that it will require major cpu and ram but, like everything else, this is generally not the case once you put it on VMWare as you end up seeing how little of it gets used.


      I would appreciate any and all answers/thoughts.  We will also be looking at professional help for this implementation should we go down this path so any suggestions you have along these lines would be appreciated too.



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          esiebert7625 Guru

          Oracle has some goofy licensing when it comes to virtual servers, they essentially license off the physical hardware that the server is on and not the virtual hardware assigned to the Oracle VM.


          IBM/Oracle licensing with virtual servers - http://www.vmware.com/community/thread.jspa?threadID=94868


          There have been a few posts on people running Oracle...




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            vmNewb35 Hot Shot

            When you say goofy Eric, I think you are politely saying 'makes little to no sense without reading a WHOLE bunch of stuff!'  Who has time to read this stuff?  Where is the easy button?



            So what I have seen from the posts you listed are:  No, Oracle will only support what you can duplicate on 'real' hardware and Yes, VMWare is a partner.  I remember seeing someone else post a while back, a VMWare employee, that said that VM/Oracle are business partners.


            I guess I need a definitive answer for the CIO...a la:  yes this is viable and wise;  no, this is not recommended.




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              esiebert7625 Guru

              Yeah definitely being polite about it, they seem very arrogant to not recognize and support licensing models in virtual environment.



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                vmNewb35 Hot Shot

                Now that made some sense...so let's summarize:


                If you can't hard partition (a la LPARs, etc.) you must pay for the total number of CPUs on the box.  But if you have 16 CPUs and you cut an LPAR for 8 and run Oracle solely for this partition then you only pay an 8-way license.


                Sounds like if you go VMWare with Oracle, you will pay for the number of CPUs you build into the VM and then license that way.  And if you end up needing more, then you will pay additional costs as you grow.


                Unless I have missed the boat entirely, this[/u] seems to be reasonable.  Thanks a bunch for finding that Eric.


                Now as to whether or not it is a good solution, remains to be answered by you guys a whole lot smarter than me.  I figured this thread would get tackled with all kinds of posts since it seems Oracle has such a strong market share/presence.

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                  petedr Virtuoso

                  We migrated Oracle production environments to VMs many years ago and our licensing was not an issue since all of our licenses were based on Named Users. I have not done any Oracle licensing recently so I don't know if that is still an option.

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                    vmNewb35 Hot Shot

                    That's interesting because this is a really isolated app that only a few budget/finance gurus will use (possibly a max of 10).  I will definitely have to ask the Oracle rep about this when I call on him/her.  Thanks for that petedr[/b]

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                      petedr Virtuoso

                      That may be a better option with the low user count.

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                        vmNewb35 Hot Shot

                        Most definitely...if they will go this route.

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                          vmNewb35 Hot Shot

                          Hello?  Testing 1..2..3   Hello?  Anybody out there?  Are you guys going to let Eric get ALL the points again?[/b]  Surely there are hundreds of Oracle aces out there.


                          Anybody know how tough the RHCT and RHCE exams are???  We are switching to RHEL too...I guess next they will switch us to Xen now that I have my VCP.... 

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                            esiebert7625 Guru

                            Surely there are hundreds of Oracle aces out there.


                            There have been a few postings about Oracle in the forums but noboby really responds (except petedr). They must be all running HP/UX or not virtualizing there servers.

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                              vmNewb35 Hot Shot

                              I guess you are right on this too...looks like you and petedr are the point getters this week (again). 


                              I had assumed (wrongly I guess) that the world was full of Oracle-types.  I guess I need to join ome Oracle boards then.

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                                vmNewb35 Hot Shot

                                Thanks to Eric and Pete so far...they get the helpful points.  I will leave this question unanswered for now in hopes that somebody shows up with some more deep-dive info.  Chad

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                                  petedr Virtuoso

                                  thanks, you see Oracle posts come up on vmtn once and awhile but not that many. When I was running my Oracle environment I mainly used metalink for Oracle issue searching.


                                  I definitely think Oracle is a good fit for running as a VM. Lots of benefits, ease of backups, not being hardware dependent, creation of development and testing environments ( VMs make much easier ), patch and code testing with snapshots ( in our dev environments ), etc.

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                                    jdisnard Lurker

                                    I have a few customer who have deployed Oracle 10g on my ESX cluster.

                                    In general, make sure to avoid using the balloon driver at all cost.

                                    The memory reservation must match the memory allocation for success.

                                    Carve a dedicated lun for oracle data and another for logs.


                                    My opinion, Oracle is bumpy ride on ESX, but I have to admit that it does work, especially if it's given a dedicated esx in your cluster. That said, why not just give dedicated hardware to RHEL in the first place.


                                    good luck

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