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vmware ESXi - VM network - vlan assignment and Switch Configuration

Hi Team,

Environment: ESXi 6 on a Dell T610 - DellEMC Customized Image ESXi 6.0 Update 3 A15 (based on ESXi VMKernel Release Build 13635687 )

  1. Management vlan - 10 for Management
  2. Server vlan - 20 for VM Network
  • Can I configure the Aruba 6200 switch ports as access port / untagged port with vlan 10 for the Management Network and vlan 20 for VM network?
  • If the ports are configured in the Switch as trunk port (10 or 20), then I should make an vlan entry in the VM Network as 20 and Management Network as 10. Correct?

In case I configured the Management and VM network of the ESXi in Single NIC how to separate it with additional physical NIC?

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