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I've just upgraded both my ESX hosts to have 4 physical NICs instead of 2 and was looking for some networking advice.

Current Setup: vmnic0 & vmnic1are both teamed and configured Active/Active for vSwitch0. vSwitch0 contains Virtual Machine Port Group + Service Console Port + VMKernal Port. Both Physical NICs on each host go to different physical switches (No VLAN's are configured on the Physical Switches)

I am keen to add in 2 more physical NICs and setup another vSwitch on

each host so that I can virtualise VM's from our DMZ network that have

different IP addressing. Can anyone offer any advice on whether this is the best option given my setup?

I'm asuming I should also configure another Service Console port on the

second vSwitch for redundancy? - and another VMkernal Port group for


Any comments/queries welcome.


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If you're going to attach the host to a network with different IP subnets I would take these two NIC's and team them together with a new vSwitch. So you end up with two vSwitches with two NIC's each in a redundant and load balancing configuration.

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