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vDS problem

We recently has this problem after removing a Host from vCenter and adding it back in:

+The distributed Virtual Switch corresponding to the proxy switches

d5 6e 22 50 dd f2 94 7b-a6 1f b2 c2 e6 aa 0f bf on the host does not

exist in vCenter or does not contain the host.+

After my colleague got the vDS to remove he then added it back everything seemed to be working.

But now in the vCenter log we see:

MoDVSwitch::UpdatePortConnecteeInt dvs vDS3 port 123 is connected without a cookie

We are also having problems with vmotion sometimes hanging on 10%, sometimes going through fine. This was fine before we took the hosts out of vCenter and added them back in.

Also having strange issues accessing the console to VMs randomly.

Our setup is 4 DVS switche, 2 nics on SC, 2 for vMotion, 4 for a Data Network, and 2 for Data2 Network

Any help is greatly appreciated. We've been on the line with VMWare for 4 days and they still are not sure what is causing the vMotions to fail and strange console access....

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