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management, vmotion and vm traffic all on only one physical interface in a ESXi host

Dear sirs,

Nearly, we upgrade our network to 10Gb , with 2 switches to 10GB speed, connected with VLTI.

Is it possible define all three logical networks: management, vmotion and vm traffic in the same interface or in this case, Vswitch0?

I'm reading about it, but i haven't found information.

In this article of Dell, 


explains how to define load balancing between two networks cards, with each one connecting to one switch.

My questions are:

1) is it possible , three logical networks by only one network card or vswitch?

2) if it's possible, can i use it, with ESXi Standard License?

3) Is there other alternatives, to setup a ESXi Server in a network 10GB with 2 switches interconnected with VLTI.


Thanks in advanced,


Jordi Renye
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya



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