distributed switch desing

i have 6 hosts esxi 6 and 4x10 gbit nic. now i want to create distributed switch . 2x10 gbit nic for managemet and vm network they have vlan . 2x10 gbit nic for vmotion netowrk. how to create distributed switch ? we are using LCAP on physical switch. we have 2 physical switch

can you draw is it possible . i havent good english and want to learn distributed switch

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Creating vDS is easy and there is lot of information "how to" in the internet.

Show Me How: Creating Distributed Switches in vSphere 5.5 - YouTube

Back To Basics: Managing a Distributed vSwitch (Part 1 of 9) | Mike Laverick...

You just use 2 for O&M and enable also vMotion. The vLANs you need to set at Network level.

but I think those links put you in the right track. Particularly Mick Blog is very detail and easy to follow.

Hope this can help.

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