Virtual Network Design recommendations

I'm looking for some general recommendation to help design virtual network for the below spec / requirements and hoping you can share your thoughts.

  • 3 host VSAN cluster (may be another one later to be added so total of 4)
  • Each host has 2 physical NIC with dual ports of speed 1Gbe
    • 1 NIC with dual port is onboard
    • 1 NIC is Broadcom 5720 Dual Port 1GbE BASE‐T Adapter
  • 1 flat /24 routable network with VLAN 222
  • TOR has 2 Cisco Switch (access switches) and these are connected to Core Switches using LACP

What would be your recommendation for the virtual network design ...

  1. if redundancy is preferred
  2. if performance is preferred

hopefully, no full time resource needed to manage this infrastructure on a daily basis so simplicity is also a factor 🙂

Some high level design elements in your response are much appreciated e.g. single VDS with 4 PG (vmotion, vsan, mgmt and vm), seperate TCP/IP stack, non-routeable L2 network for vmotion and vsan etc. basic  NIC teaming or  advanced NIC teaming with LCAP etc.

Appreciate your help on this.


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