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Testing networks on HP BL685c blades using Flex10 interconnects

Does anyone know how to disable individual ports on these servers so that we can simulate network failures.

These servers have 4 physical nics which are split into 16 virtual nics which vsphere sees.

vmnic0 exits the chassis via interconnect bay 1 and vmnic1 exits via bay 2.

Both of these are assigned to the management network / service console.

If I lose 1 of the interconnect bays then no problem I can reach the IP via the other bay. However, I want to simulate losing the network ports to see if HA kicks in and moves the VMs to another blade but can't seem to find a way of disabling individual ports.

I tried logging into the vsphere server and doing ifconfig vmnic0 down but even after doing that on all the vmnics (0-15) they still continued to work and showed as working in vsphere which was weird as the word 'UP' no longer showed when doing ifconfig -a.

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