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Simple Web Hosting Setup - Public IP's

I am using vSphere free edition, I have a single server setup and

running well with 6 virtual machines, all of which will eventually have a public IP address.

The system is presently attached

to my internal LAN network for setup/testing purposes so has internal

static addresses.

I am shortly to move this system to my rack attached to the public

internet, I was wondering what was the best advised setup for this


How should I setup so I can connect to the management

interface across the public internet? As this is in a datacenter I dont

really want to have to visit to Carry out some of the routine tasks I

will need to do?

I have been running a fairly simple Linux hosting environment consisting of Debian linux with public facing IP addresses, minimum service ports running.

And then an internal LAN connecting front end and back end servers and services together.

I have not required the use of any hardware firewall devices.

In the time this has all been running I have not suffered any problems in 4 years. However the time for modernisation has come and I need to get a new virtualised system up and running.

Thanks in Advance for any help/advice/reccomendations



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