Setting up Home Network using VMWare

Hi All,

I have signed up in order to get some advice from the VMWare Guru's out there Smiley Happy.

Here is the equipment available to me which I have gathered over a period of time:


Host 1

1 x AMD Phenom x II 840 Quad Core


2 NIC's

1 x 2TB HDD

1 x 160GB HDD

1 x 320GB HDD

This was a desktop but instead of throwing it away it does run Hyper-V ok for 2 - 3 VM's so hoping I can include it in my esxi setup, even if just a gateway.

Host 2

Dell Poweredge 1950 III - 2 x Xeon CPU's


2 x 146GB SAS 10K Drives

iDrac Card


1 x TP-LINK TL-SG3210 8-Port Gigabit L2 Managed Switch - (http://www.netstoredirect.com/tp-link-managed-switches/3880-tp-link-tl-sg3210-network-switch-6935364...)

Internet Connection

BT Inifinty 37MB

BT Openreach Modem > BT Inifinity (Homehub 5)


Netgear ReadyNas NV+ (Older SPARC model) - Does NOT have iSCSI support as I tried to use it for storage within Hyper-V.  However I have configured it as a NFS datastore for Esxi on the Dell successfully.

At the moment I have Hyper-V running on the AMD box with 2 VM's one being DC, DNS and DHCP and the other being RRAS

Its setup as follows:

BT Openreach Modem > BT Inifinity (Homehub 5) > Nic 1 (on RRAS VM as WAN) and then out of NIC 2 into 8 port switch.  I then have a Sky SR102 being used as WiFi access point which is also connected the the switch.

This give me basic AD and RRAS.

However I would like to bring my Dell into use and rebuild my environment on Esxi.  I have a license for esxi 5.5 which gives me unlimited VM's and I do not know where to start.


I essentially would like to have a domain in my house whereby everyone:


VPN access

Able to host websites if required, maybe more than one as I love building sites using Joomla.

I would like to make use of Serviio media streaming to devices throughout the house.

I would like to use the BT Infinity router as the WiFi acces spoint as this is much better in terms of speeds and also offering 5ghz coverage, the only issue is that the BT Home Hub contains my BT Credentials and I have been wondering if it would be possible to get the NEW RRAS VM i setup on esxi to authenticate with the BT Openreach Modem direct if possible in order to free up the Homehub as an access point.  I see that it is possible to extract details form the HomeHub but have not managed to get it working via as connection on RRAS.

I wont write anymore just yet, but will be keeping a very close eye on this as I have set this up I forget how many times in my house but have never been 100% happy with it or have never completely finished it.

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I now have an additional Dell XPS Core 2 Duo Q6600 with 2 x 250gb drives setup in Raid to add to my setup.

Ive got Hyper-V on it at present.  49 views and not one comment ????

Please dont read and run, please can someone offer some advice as I have this weekend to have a play about with the kit.

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