RECOVERING: RE-configuring NIC teaming, Load Balancing using IP HASH

We are recovering after a major outage which affected several drives on the server and backup.

As a result an entire raid array logical drive was lost. Here is our current situation:

Our configuration includes EtherChannel, NIC teaming, Load balancing set up using IP HASH between

HP DL360p Gen8 Server (4 NICs) and Juniper switch and Juniper SRX Firewall.

Juniper switch and firewall were not affected by outage and thus all EtherChannel/Trunk configuration

remain the same including all physical link connections. There has been no physical changes between

network devices and server and no configuration changes on physical Juniper switch.

As for vmware, this is what really needs to be reconfigured and we have only been able to recover

older vCenter 6.0 back up and not latest updated version vCenter 6.5, which had the same network

configurations as its predecessor, 6.0. We have cleaned and reinstalled the server with ESXi 6.5U3

We moved most critical VMs back onto the server including Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, MAIL.

We moved old vCenter 6.0 back on the server however without properly reconfigured NIC teaming via

IP HASH the traffic will not flow correctly and DNS or vCenter servers can't be contacted despite being

on the same vlan. There are connectivity issues now.

So I am trying to figure out where to begin this recovery re-configuration.

DNS is not functioning properly due to traffic problems and when I try to add additional vmnic1 to vmnic0 I lose connection.

I have several questions and appreciate any advice.


NIC teaming and Load Balancing using IP HASH should only be configured on vCenter, not ESXi?

I can connect to vCenter web browser but can't login due to temporary DNS resolution issue, I believe. How to fix this?

On ESXi host, once I add additional vmnic's I get disconnected. Why and how to resolve this?

Is there an article/video how to configure LOAD BALANCING within latest vSphere 6.7?

Here is the older link which no longer applies in our situation but will give an idea:

VMware Knowledge Base

Below is the image what it should roughly look like:


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You're probably not getting a response because using Etherchannel is not that popular, so I'd say you're better off and dealing with less complexity by adopting the vDS with LBT as your algorithm which requires no special config.

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